Optimizing Customer Intentions into Sales with EMAS™

What Are EMAS™ Benefits?


Widening Sales Funnel

EMAS™ gives the Sales agent an opportunity to connect with a potential client within minutes.

Speeding-Up Sales Processes without Paper

EMAS™ equips the Sales team with all the electronic forms and digital documents to process sales orders quickly and efficiently.

Minimize Identity Fraud

EMAS™ supports photo ID reading (e.g. smartcard national ID with thumbprint verification, passport scanning, driving license scanning) to minimize fraudulent identity.

How Can EMAS™ Assist You?

Speed up sales orders by using a mobile, paperless app

Automatically assign sales leads generated from your website or Facebook page

Prevent identity fraud with EMAS™

Industry Case Examples of EMAS™

To give you a better understanding of how EMAS™ works, click on the various industries to read about how EMAS™ successfully transforms sales orders into an effortless process with minimized human errors.



Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)


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