EMAS – Benefits
“Never Lose Money or Time Over an Identity Fraud with EMAS™”

What Are EMAS™ Benefits?


Widening Sales Funnel

EMAS™ gives the Sales agent an opportunity to contact a potential client within minutes. Similar to an “Uber” concept, whoever is the nearest and carrying the best rating, or the fastest to accept this notification will win the bid to get the potential client’s details. From start to finish, this Smart Proximity Sales Lead process can be completed within minutes.
Sales Representatives are also able to:
  • View sales leads and contact details of potential clients
  • Schedule follow-up actions (e.g. calls, meetings) by date and time
  • Get reminder for scheduled events

Speeding-Up Sales Orders without Paper

EMAS™ equips the Sales team with all the digital documents they need to seal the deal. From presenting the sales proposition using the digital brochure and product recommender to signing a signature on a paperless mobile form, your customer can truly experience the speed and efficiency of a mobile office in its finest form.
Sales Representatives are also able to:
  • Submit forms to Head Quarters over the internet
  • Check customer’s record instantly after form submission
  • Save forms as draft when there is no access to data or the internet

Minimize Identity Fraud

EMAS™ supports photo ID reading (e.g. smartcard national ID with thumbprint verification, passport scanning, driving license scanning) to minimize fraudulent identity. All supporting documents given by potential customers will be captured by camera and automatically watermarked to give clients a peace of mind that their documents will remain private and confidential in the Sales individual’s care.
Sales Representatives are also able to:
  • Scan an identification document using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the national ID cards, driving licenses and international passports.

Industry Case Examples of EMAS™

To give you a better understanding of how EMAS™ works, click on the various industries to read about how EMAS™ successfully transforms sales orders into an effortless process with minimized human errors.



The Challenge
Anne is a sales executive for a private bank. Her position is to increase sales in the credit card and personal financing category. She sets up booths in malls and fairs to capitalize on the foot traffic of the venue. She is usually rejected by passersby when she approaches them with her presentation file. When she finally gets an interested customer, she manually takes down their details and asks them for their identification card to make a copy of it. She then makes multiple copies of the filled-up form – one for the customer, and one for her bank. She submits her customer’s application when she goes back to the office the next day. If the customer’s application for a credit card has been approved, they will get an SMS from the bank after 3-5 business days of the submission of the form.
The Solution
In today’s competitive sales environment with complex consumer behaviors, Anne’s bank utilizes a mobile sales network strategy alongside with some social media campaigns and search engine marketing. This method is less intrusive and attracts customers who are already willing and ready to sign-up for a credit card. With EMAS, Anne’s time is more focused on signing-up a client that is already interested and available for a meeting.
As an example, Jessica, a potential customer is a young frequent flyer. She comes across a Facebook advertisement from Anne’s bank promoting an airline miles credit card. She clicks on the advertisement and submits the Interest Registration Form. Her browser prompts for her current location, and she gives her consent to that. Jessica’s interest is immediately broadcasted to selected sales representatives who are nearby, and Anne is one of them. Anne, just 500 meters away from Jessica, quickly responds, and wins this sales opportunity.
Just minutes after Jessica shows her interest in applying for a credit card, Anne follows up with her through a phone call. Jessica was at a café, waiting for her next appointment, and had 30 minutes to spare. Anne visits Jessica in less than 5 minutes, and explains to her the airline miles credit card privileges from the EMAS™ powered mobile sales agent app. Anne takes this opportunity to offer Jessica a personal financing product with an irresistible package. She uses the mobile sales agent app to scan Jessica’s photo ID. The crucial ID information is then automatically populated onto the mobile form in seconds.
Anne continues to complete the product application form, explains the product disclosure sheet and terms to Jessica, and submits it to the bank’s centralized server in real-time with Jessica’s consent in the form of an e-Signature. The supporting documents is then attached through the mobile device camera and is automatically watermarked in Anne’s mobile device to avoid the misuse of the customer’s private information. And within 20 minutes, Anne walks to her next destination with another customer waiting to sign-up for a credit card.


The Challenge

Chris is unsatisfied with his current mobile data plan. He feels that he is being shortchanged with the money he is paying to his telco provider.
The Solution

Chris was introduced to another telco provider through word-of-mouth. He visited the website and was interested in the two of the plans offered. He needed some sales advice regarding the product comparison, and submitted the Enquiry Form. Chris provided information about his current location.
Jane, a mobile sales representative for an alternative telco company, was 15 minutes away from Chris. Her EMAS™ mobile sales agent app received a push notification for the new sales opportunity assigned to her. Minutes after Chris submitted the Enquiry Form, Jane gave him a call. Chris was pleasantly surprised with the speed of engagement! However, he was in hurry for a meeting, and suggested that she followed-up with him 3 hours later. Jane, using a mobile sales agent app, scheduled a reminder for herself in just a few simple taps on the screen.
Jane meets up with Chris according to the appointed time and runs through a quick Product Recommender questionnaire with Chris using the mobile sales agent app. A phone plan best suited to Chris’ lifestyle and usage pattern was recommended by the EMAS™ Server. Chris was convinced with the suggested plan, and decided to sign-up on the spot.
With the help of the photo ID reader on the mobile sales agent app, Jane populated Chris’s personal identification information onto the mobile sign-up form, in just a few seconds. The form ran through a real-time blacklist check through EMAS™ Server, before Jane proceeded to complete the form with further details and a selection of value-added service options.
Chris was assigned a SIM pack on the spot. Jane scanned the SIM serial barcode using a mobile sales agent app, thus minimizing human key-in error. The supporting documents attached from the mobile device camera is also automatically watermarked to prevent the misuse of the customer’s personal information.
Chris agreed to the Terms & Conditions by signing his signature on the screen, and Jane submitted the paperless application form in real-time, to the Customer Relationship Management system, Billing system and Provisioning system – all through the EMAS™ Server. Within minutes, Chris’ account was successfully activated. He received a confirmation email which contained a PDF copy of his sign-up form. Jane, at the same time, instantly got her commission credited into her e-wallet. Chris’ experience as a customer was redefined!

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

The Challenge
Joe is a sales executive for a FMCG company. His responsibilities include distributing hundreds of food and beverage products to his clients every day. Joe carries a lot of paperwork around and take orders manually. If there is a rush order, his quickest time to hand in the paperwork to HQ would be when he gets back into the office at the end of the day, or when he comes back from his sales trip. This method delays his submission of sales orders and Joe will lose his edge over his competitors because of his slow delivery or turnaround time.
The Solution
With EMAS™, Joe launches the app on his smart tablet while having a chat with the store manager. Once the app opens, he quickly completes the sales order form with very minimal data entry, and without human error. The sales order is submitted instantly to Joe’s HQ office. At the same time, Joe performs a quick inventory-count on his visit, which serves as a form of intelligence on sales-order quantity suggestion for his next visit to this store. It is also part of Joe’s responsibility as a sales person to collect outstanding payment from his clients. With EMAS™, the ageing report is available in real-time to assist his job function efficiently.


The Challenge

Adrian is a courier for a delivery company. The company is contracted by an e-commerce marketplace to fulfil order deliveries. When Adrian delivers a package, he will receive a delivery receipt of acknowledgement from the package recipient on a pre-printed A4 paper by the courier company. The challenges that he faces with this current method are:
  1. The package recipient may not write his/her actual ID number, and may not be who he/she claims to be
  2. The package recipient does not know the estimated arriving time of his/her package
  3. A conciliation process is required at the courier company by the end of each day, to electronically record delivery status of each consignment
  4. Package sender is not immediately informed of the delivery status
The Solution

Now that Adrian’s courier company has implemented EMAS™ platform, the total chain of customer experience is enhanced. The recipient is notified on the same day when the package is expected to arrive, together with the courier’s contact. Each time Adrian delivers a package, the recipient’s identity is verified using a photo ID reader/scanner. The recipient can easily and quickly acknowledge the receipt by signing on the mobile device screen.
At the same time, upon tapping on a button, Adrian is able to instantly update the delivery status to his HQ. As a package sender, the delivery status is notified in real-time through email. For the delivery company, the manual conciliation process is entirely automated! The company can easily send a daily delivery report to the agent, while Adrian’s incentive is now automatically calculated by the end of each working day. Should there be any adhoc customer who wants to send a package using a prepaid envelope, Adrian can add it to his assignment while he is on his delivery route!