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redONE Case Study

The objective of this case study is to show how EMAS™ changed the way redONE does its sales without the use of paper and to identify the organization’s selling pain points and the rectification of its mentioned problems after the implementation of EMAS™.
Introduction to redONE
Red One Networks Sdn Bhd (redONE), was established in 2012. It provides postpaid mobile services as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) using Celcom Axiata’s mobile infrastructure. redONE has several thousand mobile sales agents representing and selling its products, as well as its white-labeled services. With its tremendous month-to-month postpaid subscriber growth, redONE is envisioned to be the largest MVNO in ASEAN by Year 2018.
The Challenge
There are five main customer processing problems that redONE faced without the aid of EMAS™.
The first would be the slow and tedious process of registering a new customer. In the past, when a customer wanted to sign up for a mobile plan at redONE, he or she would have fill up a paper form at a local branch or with an appointed sales agent. The sales representative would then have to enter the data into the company’s systems. The registering process includes getting the customer’s signature, a photocopy of both sides of his or her ID document, credit card (for auto-debit service if applicable), and the customer’s registration and acceptance form. The next step would be to key in the eighteen-digit SIM serial number manually into the existing system. During a roadshow, it gets more challenging to sign up customers. This is because the sales agent would have to bring hardwares like extension cords, cartons of A4 photocopying paper, and scanners to the various roadshow locations.
The second challenge would be the huge expenditure on printing, distributing, warehousing, archiving, and recalling. New customers would have to fill up numerous forms at the branch. On top of that, the data of the customers would have to be stored for seven years due to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010. This would take up a lot of physical space and maintenance in storage fees.
The third challenge would be the inability to instantly check whether a customer has been blacklisted by other telecommunication companies. Without the proper technological tools or simple softwares to access into the blacklist record, redONE is not able to screen its new customer’s financial standing on-the-spot for registration purposes. It is imperative for a company to gain a customer who pays on time as its loyal patron.
The forth challenge would be identifying whether a customer has used false documents to register for a phone line. New customers who have been blacklisted would use fake identities to obtain a new phone line. This problem as well as falsifying documents have been on the rise in recent years.
The fifth challenge would be data entry errors. Manual registration takes up to fifteen minutes at a time per customer. Transferring the written data from the registration form to keying it into the system is not one hundred percent accurate. Human errors can eat into the profits of the company.
Technology Progress and Value
In today’s complex and constantly changing business world, technology has become one of the main factors in the success or failure of companies, due to the high dependency on all its forms. In redONE’s case, it is a matter of success in how it was able to speed-up its sales processes with the integration of a mobile paperless sales platform called redONE mReg (Mobile Registration), powered by EMAS™. This system was introduced in Year 2014.
By riding on EMAS™, the company and its sales agents would do away with paper-based registration. True to its company’s philosophy, redONE’s services are designed around a customer-centric model to deliver what truly matters, in the most simple and practical manner possible. By eliminating paper and introducing sales processes that are simple and fast, redONE is able to save cost on millions of sheets of paper and capture more of the market share due to its efficient customer experience. The company now saves more than five percent of its operation expenditure from not needing to keep seven years’ worth of customer data in its storage warehouse.
In addition to that, redONE continues to save expenses by eliminating the need of printing promotional flyers, leaflets and distributing it to each of the branches nationwide. This is done through the company’s five thousand sales agents whom are all equipped with a tablet that allows them to sign up new customers, as well as to keep potential customers up-to-date with redONE’s latest promotions. All the promotional details are now stored in the server and is synchronized to its agents’ tablets in real time.
EMAS™ also allows the company to minimize data entry errors. Most of the time, the person who helped the customer sign up is not the one keying in the details. Human errors can occur during data entry for various reasons – for example, if the person cannot decipher the handwriting, resulting in mistakes like – names not tallying with that on the identity card. The solution that EMAS™ offers, is to fill up the form by automatically reading the customer’s Photo ID and scanning barcodes of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) serial number and International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) on a smart mobile.
Once the registering process is complete, EMAS™ allows the sales agents to search and book coveted phone numbers for its new customers in real-time. In addition to that, the system also allows existing customers to activate additional lines for family members without the hassle of filling up forms or waiting for a long awaited approval. Everything can be done without delay.
The last benefit for redONE is the EMAS™ powered tablets and integrated MyKad reader systems. Sales agents are now able to find out on-the-spot if potential customers have been blacklisted by other telecommunication companies.
With the implementation of EMAS™, redONE is able to quickly expand its sales representatives network with very minimal logistics concern. redONE is also able to focus on rolling out competitive products instead of exponentially extending operations activity as the subscriber base grows.